The social media information lab (SMIL) at Rutgers is an interdisciplinary team of researchers studying social media systems as information systems.

The Lab's research spans three main components that represent a complete cycle of activities in social media systems. First, seeking to understand practices and motivations to participate (creating, sharing, and consuming content) in social media environments. Second, analyzing and extract knowledge from large scale social media data. Finally, developing new computing applications that enable new experiences around social media information, and leverage the existing practices and motivations to help the creation and consumption of content.

The lab is part of the Rutgers School of Communication and Information. We have members from four different continents (five subcontinents), two former professional athletes, over $1,500,000 in US federal and corporate grants, three favorite citation formats, and a 1.5 feet range of heights. Our students have interned in places like Microsoft Research, Facebook, Chartbeat, IBM Research, and We are always looking for fantastic PhD students and Postdocs to join the SMILing team. Interested? See "connect*"!.