Hashtag: #CHIsmil

CHI Heros: Judy Olson, Ed Chi, Elizabeth Churchill, Ben Shneirderman
Collect all four smil(e)s to win a CHIsmil T-shirt!

OK, we wanted to generate some buzz for our research lab. And what better way to create buzz at CHI than having these two things: CHI luminaries, and smiling. Oh, and a competition where you can win some stuff!

Our CHI smiling heros are (from top) Judy Olson, Ed Chi, Elizabeth Churchill and Ben Shneirderman. Our lawyers asked us to mention that they are not affiliated with our lab in any way.

If you collected all four hero stickers, take a picture of yourself, with your decorated badge. Post that photo on Flickr with the tag CHIsmil, or post a link to a photo on Twitter using the hashtag #CHIsmil in your tweet. Five lucky winners with the full cadre of smiling heros on their badge will get a one-of-a-kind, any-color-you-want-as-long-as-it's-white CHIsmil T-shirt, with the hero of their choice on it.

Also, since you are here, we wanted to let you know that we are looking for fantastic PhD students and Postdocs to join the SMILing team in our Social Media Information Lab. Learn more about us on these pages (see links to the right? they are almost all active). Interested? Email mor@rutgers.edu for mor(e) details.

Open letter to Ben, Judy, Elizabeth and Ed

Dear Ben, Judy, Elizabeth, and Ed,

We love you. Please don't be mad.

We chose your smiling faces for our stickers primarily because we greatly admire you, your research and your long-standing contribution as leaders of our favorite-yet-highly-fragmented CHI community. But even more than that, we chose you because of your outgoing, friendly personality, and your readily-available smiles. We hope we did not offend you by choosing your image for this harmless, commercial-free, not-for-profit, solely-for-self-promotion, we-totally-spent-too-much-time-on-it stunt.

We would have liked to declare that the proceeds from this endeavor will be used to promote research in presence-related, internet experiences that promote social participation via information scent. Unfortunately, there will be no proceeds. In fact, we are about $400 down at this point. Do you know how much stickers cost these days? It's crazy.